10 Best Fishing Locations in Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia, PA\"Best Explore the best fishing spots in Pennsylvania, home to a variety of species like bass, trout, muskies, and more. Experience the thrill of fishing throughout the seasons on Pennsylvania\’s iconic rivers and lakes.

1. Presque Isle Bay: A Paradise for Anglers

Presque Isle Bay, with its piers, channels, and break walls, offers diverse opportunities for successful fishing throughout the year. Get ready to reel in some of Pennsylvania’s biggest channel catfish in spots such as the bay’s track leading into it and between North and South Piers.

2. Neshannock Creek: The Fly Fishing Haven

Located near Volant, the beautiful Neshannock Creek is a top choice for fly fishing enthusiasts. Known for its production of Monster Fish, this freestone creek also hosts spring stockings and fall trout releases.

3. Slippery Rock Creek: Home to Wild Trout

Despite its intimidating name, Slippery Rock Creek offers calm waters rich in wild brook and brown trout. This limestone spring creek is an excellent fly fishing spot, especially during spring and fall, when the trout are more active, and mayfly hatches occur.

4. Cedar Run: A Blend of Recreation and Fishing

Williamsport and Cedar Run provide an abundance of recreational activities and excellent fishing spots. The idyllic freestone stream is clear and teeming with trout, and the surrounding area offers activities like skiing, snowboarding, and golfing.

5. Susquehanna River: The Trout Haven

The famous Susquehanna River, stretching from upstate New York to Chesapeake Bay, is known for its delayed harvest areas and diverse trout stock. Open all year round, it’s an excellent spot for beginners and families alike to enjoy a day of fishing.

6. Lake Arthur: The Game Fish Hotspot

Located in Moraine State Park, Lake Arthur is perfect for fishing muskies and other game fish. With its excellent warm-water conditions, the lake houses healthy populations of crappie, bluegill, and northern pike. It’s also stocked with rainbow and brown trout species.

7. Oil Creek: The Fly Fishing Gem

Oil Creek, a Class-A wild trout stream, is ideal for fly fishing. It’s home to stocked brown trout and Smallmouth Bass. The giant mayfly hatches in May and June make these months the best time for fly fishing.

8. Spring Creek: The Year-Round Fishing Spot

Located in central Pennsylvania, Spring Creek is a renowned trout stream and home to class-A wild brown trout. It offers catch-and-release fly fishing-only areas that are open all year round, making it a fantastic escape for anglers of all skill levels.

9. Slate Run: The Premier Brook Trout Fishery

Slate Run, one of Pennsylvania’s top brook trout fisheries, is set in a stunning natural environment. The best times to visit are late spring or early fall, but be sure to plan your trip outside peak season for a peaceful fishing experience.

10. Le Tort Spring Run: A unique Fishing Experience

LeTort Spring Run meanders through a park and township before flowing into the Conodoguinet River. This stream offers diverse fishing spots, with clear waters, deep pools, and riffles, making it a dream location for fishing enthusiasts.

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