Reddit Names Lititz, PA as the Best Small Town in the State


Exploring the Best Small Towns in Pennsylvania

If you’re wondering where the best small town in Pennsylvania is, you’re not alone. In a state as large as Pennsylvania, home to over 2,560 municipalities according to KTLA, narrowing down the options can be truly daunting!

So, who better to answer this question than the residents of the Keystone State themselves? They know Pennsylvania like the back of their hands, navigating the ins and outs of this vast state with ease.

Reddit Names Lititz, PA as the Best Small Town in the State

How Pennsylvanian Reddit Users Answered

Recently, an intriguing question was posed on a Reddit page aptly named ‘Pennsylvania’. “Pennsylvanians- What’s your favorite small town in PA?” This query stirred up a lively discussion and numerous engaging comments among Reddit users were observed.

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The answers varied greatly. Ambler, Pennsylvania, a charming borough in Montgomery County outside Philadelphia, received numerous mentions. Other towns like Doylestown, Wellsboro, and Lewisburg also received honorable mentions but none of these were crowned the best small town in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s Favorite Small Town Revealed

The winner, according to these Reddit users, is none other than Lititz, Pennsylvania. Nestled near Lancaster, Lititz is a picturesque small town worth exploring, filled with unique shops and delightful restaurants that make it a favorite among residents.

The comment endorsing Lititz received over 200 upvotes, indicating substantial agreement among participants. Do you concur that Lititz is the best small town in Pennsylvania?

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