Top 25 College Football Rankings: Florida State, Alabama Soar, Colorado and Duke Plummet

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2023 College Football Week 1: Duke Upset Over Clemson

The 2023 college football season kicked off with a bang with Duke’s stunning 28-7 victory over Clemson. This unexpected result led to significant changes in the college football rankings, with Clemson seeing a notable drop.

Scores and Results: Week 1

In the first week, ranked teams had an impressive record of 21-2 against unranked teams. Among these wins, 17 were by 21 points or more. Most of the favorites followed suit and delivered on their promise.

However, few surprising results, like Duke’s win over Clemson, caused a dramatic shift in the rankings. There’s talk of Clemson falling down the top 25, while TCU is likely to fall out of the AP Top 25 after a shocking loss to Colorado at home.

AP Top 25 Predictions: Post Week 1

We expect several significant changes in the AP Top 25 poll after the first week. Here are the predicted rankings:
1. Georgia
2. Michigan
3. Alabama
4. Ohio State
5. Florida State
6. USC
7. Penn State
8. Washington
9. Notre Dame
10. Texas

The remaining 15 ranked teams include Tennessee, LSU, Utah, Oregon, and Kansas State among others. TCU and Iowa are expected to drop out of the rankings.

Clemson’s Loss to Duke: A Major Upset

Despite some mistakes, Duke’s team showed more physicality and urgency than Clemson. Such a stunning upset has led to a low point in the modern era for Clemson football. However, there’s still hope with the toughest foes on the schedule to visit Death Valley.

Stay tuned for more college football updates and rankings.

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