Top Artists Kick Off Long’s Park Art Festival: The Best of the Best

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Long’s Part Art Festival 2023: A Community Event

Get ready for a day of creativity and community spirit at Long’s Part Art Festival 2023. This unique festival, taking place on September 2, 2023, promises to be filled with incredible art, inspiring artists, and plenty of family-friendly activities. Presented by Local 21 News, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Discover more about what to expect at Long’s Part Art Festival 2023 and why you should put it in your calendar now.

Long's Part Art Festival 2023

What Makes Long’s Part Art Festival 2023 Special?

The festival brings together the community in a celebration of art and creativity. From upcoming local artists to renowned figures in the art world, the festival promises a diverse range of exhibits and installations for all attendees. Keep up to date with the latest updates for the festival at the official Local 21 News website.

Engage with the Community at the Festival

Long’s Part Art Festival is not just about appreciating art; it’s also about engaging with the community. You’ll have the opportunity to meet artists, participate in interactive installations, and partake in art workshops. Don’t miss out on this incredible community event. Stay informed about the upcoming festival by visiting Local21News Community.

Stay tuned for more updates on Long’s Part Art Festival 2023 and make sure to mark your calendars for this must-attend event.

Long’s Part Art Festival 2023: The Art Event of the Year

With a diverse range of artists, interactive installations, and community engagement, Long’s Part Art Festival 2023 is set to be the art event of the year. Start planning your visit today and experience the power and beauty of art in a community setting. Stay updated on all festival news on Local 21 News.

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