Season 20 Ep10: Unveiling the Inflation Reduction Act, Drug Pricing & Supreme Court Trust

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Discussing Biden’s Industrial Policy, Drug Price Control, and Supreme Court Ethics

Is President Biden’s industrial policy benefiting or harming the U.S. economy? Medicare unveils a new plan to potentially lower drug costs, whereas the Supreme Court’s ethical standards come into question. Tonight, we explore these topics in-depth on Ivory Tower.

Welcome to Ivory Tower. I’m David Chanatry, hailing from Utica University. With me for this discussion are Nina Moore from Colgate University, Tara Ross from Onondaga Community College, Ben Baughman from Gannon University, and Rick Fenner from Utica University.

First, let’s delve into the effect of Biden’s industrial policy on the U.S. economy. Central New Yorkers are thrilled with Micron’s decision to build a massive semiconductor plant in the region, a direct result of the CHIPS Act. Can government intervention in the market economy bring about positive change, or is it only picking winners and losers?

Next, we turn to Medicare’s new plan to control drug prices. The plan involves price negotiations between Medicare and the pharmaceutical industry for the first 10 drugs, including common medications for chronic illnesses. While the goal is to reduce Medicare costs, pharmaceutical companies argue that this may stifle innovation and lead to fewer new drugs.

Last but not least, we spotlight the need for a code of ethics for the Supreme Court. An ethics complaint was filed this week against Justice Samuel Alito over public remarks he made about a case that may soon come before the Court. The issue at hand? Whether Congress can require an ethics code for the Justices. Is the Court losing its ethical compass, or is this just political drama?

Thank you for tuning in to Ivory Tower. We value your thoughts and encourage you to share your views. If you would like to watch the show again, follow this link to our website. This is David Chanatry, wishing you a great night.

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