Christie & Newsmax Host Debate Over Trump’s 2024 Run



Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie criticized the strategy of other GOP candidates and continued his critique of former President Trump during a heated exchange with Newsmax host Eric Bolling. Christie asserted that GOP candidates need to make a case against Trump to secure their nomination and attacked Trump for the multiple charges he faces in several states. He insisted that Trump cannot beat President Biden from a courtroom and stressed that former Trump Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows’ cooperation with the investigation against Trump should not be ignored.

Christie and Bolling Dispute Over Trump and the 2024 Presidential Race

Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, had a heated exchange with Newsmax host, Eric Bolling, over former President Trump and the upcoming 2024 presidential race. Christie, ex-New Jersey Governor, has been an outspoken critic of Trump within the GOP race, leading Bolling to question his strategy and low polling.

Christie replied to Bolling firmly, stating no change in his strategy is imminent. He also criticized the ineffective strategies of Haley and DeSantis, highlighting DeSantis’s dwindling popularity.

He proceeded to criticize Trump over multiple charges he faces, claiming Trump couldn’t defeat President Biden from a courtroom. Further, he disputed the idea that Trump was being targeted by a biased prosecutor, citing cooperation from Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff.

Christie emphasized his focus on character over numbers, stating the Republican Party and the United States deserve better than a likely convicted felon. Bolling countered Christie’s claims, suggesting a liberal bias would be responsible for any conviction. In response, Christie insisted Trump’s conviction would be due to Meadows.

Christie has consistently voiced his belief that Trump will be a convicted felon and criticized GOP candidates for supporting Trump, who is indicted in four distinct criminal cases, amounting to 91 felony counts.

Christie ended the discussion asserting that his statements about Trump, which had been ridiculed, will be proven true when Meadows testifies. “The truth is coming, baby,” Christie concluded.

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