End of an Era: Fred’s Stamp Shop Shuts Down in Marquette After 40+ Years



Frederick Warren and his wife, Audrey, who have run Fred’s Rubber Stamp Shop in Marquette, Michigan for 46 years, are planning to retire at the end of the year. The business, which was started in December 1977, provides rubber stamp, printing, and laminating services, and has added other services such as engraved plastic signs and die cutting over the years. The Warrens are proud of the longevity of their business and are currently working to sell their machines before they retire.

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Fred’s Rubber Stamp Shop: A Marquette Staple for Nearly Half a Century

For 46 years, Fred’s Rubber Stamp Shop has been a fixture on Lakeshore Boulevard in Marquette, Michigan. Run by Frederick Warren and his wife Audrey, the shop offers vital services such as rubber stamp creation, printing, and laminating.

From Government Job to Successful Entrepreneurship

Frederick Warren left a government job and saw an opening for a new business. After experiencing difficulties in getting rubber stamps, he decided to open up the shop in December 1977.

Diversifying Services for Business Longevity

The Warrens credit the shop’s success to diversification. They expanded beyond rubber stamps, adding services like laminating, engraved plastic signs, numbering, die cutting, and perforating.

Getting Ready for Retirement

As the year’s end approaches, the Warrens plan to retire. The shop is no longer a Fed-Ex drop-off point and the couple is selling their equipment. Fred, however, isn’t making extensive plans as he has a lengthy ‘honey-do’ list to tackle.

Taking Pride in Longstanding Business

Reflecting on their business’s longevity, the Warrens feel a sense of pride. Few businesses in Marquette have operated as long or in the same location. As they get ready to say goodbye, they plan to keep the shop open until the year’s end.


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