Firefighter Recruits Showcase Skills during Thrilling Graduation Event



The Asheville Fire Department (AFD) in North Carolina has put its new recruits through a series of challenging scenarios as part of their graduation. After several months of demanding physical and mental training, 17 new AFD recruits prepared to join their colleagues online. The recruits were tested in a variety of situations, ranging from medical emergencies to motor vehicle accidents and high-angle rescues.

Asheville Fire Department Hosts High Energy Graduation Night for New Recruits

The Asheville Fire Department (AFD) recently hosted a high energy graduation night for several new recruits, testing their skills through various scenarios. This event marked the end of several months of rigorous mental and physical firefighter training, with 17 recruits set to graduate and join their colleagues in serving the Asheville community.

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From Friday, Oct. 6 until the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 7, the new recruits faced a range of simulated scenarios at the Buncombe County Emergency Services Training Center. These included responding to a variety of calls, such as medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, fires, and high-angle rescues. Veteran AFD members were on hand to mentor the new recruits through these challenges.

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According to a press release from AFD, the training was designed to challenge the recruits and test their skills and teamwork abilities in a realistic, high-pressure environment.

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