Philadelphia Water Unsafe: 18K West Philly Residents Urged to Boil Water Before Drinking

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Boil advisory in effect for West Philadelphia

A water boil advisory has been issued for certain parts of West Philadelphia following a pumping station failure on Sunday. This has caused a loss of pressure in the system and left some residents without water. While water pressure has since been restored, there are concerns that the lack of pressure could have allowed bacteria and other disease-causing organisms into the water pipes.

The city is required to issue a water boil advisory due to the loss of pressure lasting approximately an hour. However, according to Brian Rademaekers, a spokesperson for the city water department, the risk of illness is low and the advisory is a precautionary measure. The advisory could remain in effect until Tuesday, as the department must test the water in the affected area twice, 24 hours apart, to rule out contamination before giving the all-clear.

Uncommon occurrence for Philadelphia

Water boil advisories are not common in Philadelphia, with Rademaekers stating that there is no real precedent for such an event in the city. Instead of sending a wireless emergency alert, the water department has opted to reach out to residents via text alerts through the Office of Emergency Management and communicate with local council members. Rademaekers explains that they don’t want to create panic, as the overall risk of illness is very low in this situation.

Affected areas and advice for residents

Approximately 18,000 customers are impacted by the water boil advisory in areas such as Wynnefield Heights, Overbrook, Morris Park, and parts of Carrol Park, West Parkside, and West Fairmount Park. Impacted residents can visit the Philadelphia Water Department’s interactive map to see if their address is included in the advisory.

Those affected are advised to boil water for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and preparing formula. The city recommends bringing water to a rolling boil, letting it boil for one minute, and then allowing it to cool before using. For more information and assistance, customers can visit or call (215) 685-6300.

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