Phoenix Wraps up ‘The Zone’s’ Final 15 Blocks Before Deadline



Phoenix had a deadline on November 4 to clear out a 15-block area of homeless encampments known as “The Zone”. The city encountered 716 people during this process, 590 of whom were relocated to alternative locations such as shelters, housing, family members, or treatment programs – an acceptance rate of 82%. The city now intends to keep the blocks closed off, connect individuals to help and resources, and provide support systems and services for those relocated.

Phoenix Homeless Encampments Clearance Deadline on Nov. 4

The city of Phoenix has set a deadline for Saturday, Nov. 4, to clear homeless encampments referred to as “The Zone”.

“The Zone”, spanning from 7th to 15th Avenues and Jefferson to Madison streets, is a 15-block area where city crews have worked to clear the last of the 15 blocks. The area once housed more than a thousand people and the city reports contact with 716 individuals during the clearance process.

Significant Relocation Efforts

According to Rachel Milne, Director of Homeless Solutions for the city, 590 out of the 716 individuals were relocated to alternative locations or shelters, representing an 82% acceptance rate. Some also found housing, reconnected with families, or entered treatment programs.

Wednesday’s cleanup proved to be the most successful, with 123 out of 135 people relocated to shelters or reunited with family members. Despite the high acceptance rate, Milne asserts that the work is not finished yet.

Ongoing Assistance and Future Plans

While providing emergency shelter serves as the first step towards ending homelessness, Milne insists that it does not conclude the process. She emphasized the need to ensure the relocated individuals have the necessary support systems and services to help them cope with their situation.

Milne outlined her team’s continued efforts to maintain the now-cleared blocks and deter the setting up of new tents, while connecting the individuals to necessary help and resources.

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