SCROC Honors Recovery Month: Celebrating Sobriety Success



The Superior Connections Recovery Community Organization held a recovery event in Marquette, Michigan, including activities such as yoga, food, and games, to celebrate National Recovery Month. Event organizer Sarah Suardini emphasized the significance of finding alternative activities to replace substance use in recovery, and suggested that mental health and substance abuse often work together. Volunteers stressed the importance of understanding and empathy towards those struggling with addiction, and Suardini expressed hopes of expanding the event next year for greater community involvement.

Superior Connections Celebrates Recovery in Marquette

As part of National Recovery Month, Superior Connections Recovery Community Organization hosted a downtown celebration in Marquette, Michigan. The event featured yoga, food, and games, offering an opportunity for those in recovery to celebrate their healing journey.

Event Organizer, Sarah Suardini, emphasized the importance of exploring different healing methods for substance recovery. “Finding new outlets to replace substance use is crucial in the recovery process,” Suardini noted.

Addiction and substance abuse can affect anyone and often coexist with mental health issues. Suardini and her team believe that spreading awareness about these issues can help those struggling with addiction.

Volunteer Alexis Miron discussed the importance of supporting those who are trying to overcome addiction. “Addiction remains a taboo topic. Encouraging those seeking sobriety is crucial as they often lack resources and assistance,” said Miron.

SCROC House Manager, Jason Perreault, urged the public to understand the individual stories of those struggling with addiction. “Understanding their story before judging can make a significant difference. Offering a shoulder to lean on is vital,” Perreault said.

Suardini hopes to expand the event in the future to further engage the local community in supporting recovery.

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