Agriculture Secretary Encourages Public to Sample Pennsylvania’s Finest at PA Preferred Reception, reports Farmersfriend


Experience Pennsylvania’s Culinary Excellence at the 108th PA Farm Show

Pennsylvanians are cordially invited by Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding to the PA Preferred® Reception at the 108th PA Farm Show. This event, set for Friday, January 5th, 2024, serves as the official launch of the Pennsylvania State Fair™ and offers attendees an opportunity to taste the finest Pennsylvania-produced food and beverages, and network with the producers.

2024 Farm Show Theme: Connecting Our Communities

Secretary Redding stated that the 2024 Farm Show theme, ‘Connecting Our Communities’, emphasizes the importance of building solid relationships with those who produce Pennsylvania’s best. The PA Preferred reception provides an avenue for Shapiro Administration, the General Assembly, private industry stakeholders, fans and supporters to celebrate and support the local producers who continue to enrich our culinary landscape with top-quality products.

20th Anniversary of PA Preferred Program

2024 also marks the 20th anniversary of the PA Preferred program, designed to bolster Pennsylvania farmers by providing a recognized statewide brand for their products. The program not only strengthens the bond between farmers, agribusinesses and consumers, but also promotes the purchase of locally grown and processed food, beverages and other agricultural products like hardwoods.

Benefits of Buying PA Preferred

By choosing PA Preferred, consumers contribute to building a stronger local economy and support Pennsylvania farmers. Whether you’re entertaining, dining out, travelling or shopping for daily needs, PA Preferred offers a versatile range of top-quality options.

Details of the PA Preferred Reception

The PA Preferred Reception will take place on Friday, January 5, 2024, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. Tickets inclusive of reception admission, parking, ample hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and a short program showcasing the people and products of Pennsylvania agriculture.

PA Preferred members, along with other organizations and businesses, can contribute to this event through in-kind product donations or sponsorships. Sponsors receive complimentary tickets and have their names or logos displayed during the event.

For More Information

For more details, including ticketing, visit RSVP for the event on Facebook. To learn more about PA Preferred members, find in-season produce, and read profiles of producers, visit

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