Breaking Record: Woman’s 26-Hour Non-Stop Workout at Anytime Fitness


Mastering the Art of Niche Personal Branding on Social Media

Several social media personalities have successfully built loyal audiences by carving out a particular niche. This technique, whether you call it personal branding or a “gimmick”, helps them to become known for a specific thing, hence, consolidating their followership.

One such personality on TikTok, Madison (@ugh_madison), has made a name for herself by pushing the boundaries at all-you-can-eat buffets. Her unique angle involves seeing how long she can utilize restaurants’ buffet offers before being requested to leave.

Madison’s Adventures in Buffets and Gyms

One of her memorable visits was to a Golden Corral, where the staff warmly welcomed her and allowed her unimpeded access to the buffet from opening till close. On the flip side, there have been instances when the management had to inform her that she had overstayed her welcome. However, it’s worth noting that Madison habitually tips the staff generously in all her video outings.

Recently, Madison decided to try a different kind of endurance test at an Anytime Fitness gym. These gyms operate 24/7, and Madison’s goal was to see how long she could remain inside before an employee intervened.

Madison’s 26-hour Gym Marathon

The outcome of this experiment became what Madison describes as “the craziest video” she has ever made. She documents a variety of workout routines she undertakes, occasionally referencing a photo of bodybuilder Sam Sulek for inspiration. Madison managed to endure an impressive 26 hours of continuous training at the gym, which included weight lifting, machine exercises, and long treadmill walks. She tracked the equivalent of a marathon distance on her Apple Watch during her stay.

Given the extended duration of the workout, her watch battery eventually died, and she had to ensure sufficient calorie intake to fuel her exercise. Madison consumed packs of tuna and several Quest protein cookies and bars throughout the gym session.

Madison’s Solo Night at the Gym and Clean-up Efforts

During her marathon gym session, Madison found herself alone in the building as employees left at 7 pm and with no other customers due to the late hour. In a break from her exercise routine, she charged her wearable device and took on the task of tidying up the gym, picking up stray items and wiping down counters.

Despite spending a whopping 26 hours at the gym, Madison’s efforts were largely unnoticed by the returning employees. She concluded her gym marathon on her own terms, stating she had gotten her free membership’s worth.

TikTok Reactions to Madison’s Gym Marathon

Madison’s extensive gym adventure evoked surprised responses from her TikTok followers. Some viewers were amazed at her endurance, asking how she managed not to feel unwell during the marathon. Others admired her casual attitude towards such an intense exercise routine, with one user declaring her “the most interesting person alive”.

The Daily Dot reached out to Anytime Fitness and Madison for comments regarding this unique 24/7 gym experiment.

*First Published: Nov 18, 2023, 12:00 pm CST

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