Cardio vs Strength Training: Which Boosts Longevity?


Exercise Your Way To Longevity: Cardio vs. Lifting

When it comes to your health, do you ever find yourself stuck in the ongoing debate between cardio and strength training? As an endurance runner, you might have invested too much in your pursuit to consider an alternative. So is the case with dedicated lifters, who’ve spent countless hours sculpting their bodies. The big question often revolves around which type of exercise is best for longevity.

Aiming For Longevity: The Age-Old Debate

The pursuit of longevity – increasing both the duration and quality of life – has been a topic of interest long before tech mogul Bryan Johnson brought his unique longevity regimen into the spotlight. The discussion of cardio vs lifting for longevity proliferates on platforms like Reddit, and frequently escalates into passionate debates backed by scientific references.

Cardio and Lifting: Both Have Their Merits

Supporters of running emphasize the aerobic fitness benefits that cardio provides, highlighting its positive effects on heart health. On the other side, weightlifters note the association between muscle mass, grip strength, and reduced mortality and cardiovascular events. Interestingly, both sides have valid points.

Recent research suggests that the answer to longevity may not reside exclusively in cardio or lifting, but rather, a combination of both. A large-scale study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine involving over 400,000 American adults showed that moderate to vigorous physical activity, even just an hour per week, significantly reduced the risk of mortality.

Combining Cardio and Strength Training: An Ideal Approach

According to The New York Times, the most effective strategy appears to be a mix of cardio and strength training. However, the exact relationship between strength training and lifespan extension is not fully understood. While it’s clear that both cardio and strength training are beneficial, combining the two types of exercises seems to offer the best results for heart health.

Whether you’re a devoted runner or a dedicated weightlifter, integrating both types of workouts into your routine could prove advantageous to your longevity. Remember, every little bit of physical activity counts, even if it’s a friendly debate over cardio versus lifting!

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