Warrington Eatery Named Among Top Five Pizza Places in Pennsylvania


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The Bucks County pizza spot now enjoys an esteemed reputation in the local food industry.

Top-Rated Pizzas in Pennsylvania

One exceptional Warrington eatery ranks amongst the five best pizza restaurants in Pennsylvania. This noteworthy recognition features in Jason Rathman’s piece for PhillyBite Magazine about the top pizza spots in Pennsylvania.

Unmatched Pizza Experience at Select Pizza And Grill

Select Pizza And Grill, nestled at 855 Easton Road in the Heritage Warrington Center, marks its spot as the fifth best pizza establishment in Pennsylvania as per the magazine. Known for their authentic wood-fired pizza, the place surprises its visitors with a unique and appetizing menu that changes daily.

A Family Favorite Dining Spot

This family-friendly restaurant extends its menu to include pasta, wings, and sandwiches, complemented by a full bar and cozy outdoor seating. It is a perfect place for a delightful meal this upcoming fall for families and food lovers.

Whether you’re planning a date night or a family outing, Select Pizza and Grill, one of the best pizza spots in Pennsylvania, awaits you. So, seize the opportunity to savor a couple of their top-notch slices in Bucks County.

For more details about Select Pizza And Grill in Warrington, head to PhillyBite Magazine.

Note: This story first appeared on BUCKSCO Today in November 2023.

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