Concern over potential Trump comeback heightens allies’ fear of US unreliability



As the possibility of a Joe Biden-Donald Trump rematch in the U.S. presidential election grows, America’s allies are preparing for potential political fluctuation. The first Trump administration strained relations between the U.S. and its allies, particularly in Europe, and Biden’s claim of returning America to the global stage has not been entirely proven since he took office. Many allied leaders and international experts worry that regardless of who wins the election, the U.S. is becoming less reliable, and the world is moving towards a multipolar state where the U.S. is not the absolute world superpower.

Possibility of Biden-Trump rematch stirs concerns among US allies

The possibility of a Biden-Trump rematch in the US presidential election has America’s allies bracing for a bumpy ride. The concern is that with a divided electorate and a gridlocked Congress, either candidate could become consumed with domestic challenges, leaving international issues like conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East neglected.

Global leaders’ concerns

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent verdict about America’s priorities rings true for many global leaders. Trump’s previous term strained relations with European allies, and his campaign speeches show continued skepticism towards NATO. Meanwhile, despite expressing support for Ukraine, Biden’s international influence remains limited due to stalled military aid for Ukraine and ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Directing a multipolar world

Thomas Gift, director of the U.S. Politics Centre at University College London, noted that regardless of who wins the presidency, the global stage is transitioning towards a multipolar system, making the US no longer “the undisputable world superpower”. Many allied leaders are reluctant to comment on the US election, but there is a growing concern that the US’s dependability is declining, regardless of the election outcome.

US impact on NATO and global conflicts

Trump’s critical stance towards NATO and his suggestions to cut foreign aid have raised alarms among allies, prompting NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to warn of endangering US troops and their allies. Simultaneously, conflicts such as the fight against Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Iran’s ambitions underline the importance of US involvement in global affairs.

US foreign relations under Trump or Biden

While Trump has supporters among Europe’s pro-Russia populists, his unpredictability concerns many. Biden, although a critic of Trump’s Iran policy, hasn’t succeeded in rebuilding diplomatic relations with Tehran. Zhao Minghao, a professor of international relations at Fudan University in Shanghai, compared the two candidates to “two ‘bowls of poison.’” Regardless of the election outcome, Gift argued, the world is moving towards a more fragmented state.

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