Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Believes Biden is a Larger Threat to Democracy Than Trump.



Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has claimed that President Biden poses a greater threat to American democracy than Donald Trump, a statement criticized by democracy experts as “absurd” and “preposterous.” Kennedy’s argument stems from his belief that the Biden administration’s efforts to curtail the spread of misinformation equates to censorship and poses a significant threat to the political system. However, several scholars highlight that social media regulation is not as severe a threat as Trump’s refusal to accept election results, his incitement of political violence, and attempts to consolidate executive power.

Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Raises Concerns About Democracy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent presidential candidate, has voiced his perspective that President Biden imposes a notable threat to American democracy. This viewpoint, shared with former President Donald Trump, has been labelled “absurd” and “preposterous” by democracy experts. Kennedy is known for his political career based on vaccine misinformation and government conspiracy theories. He regards Biden administration’s efforts to combat misinformation, referred to as “censorship” by him, as a crucial issue of our era.

Mixed Reactions to Kennedy’s Statements

Kennedy’s comments have sparked controversy. During a CNN interview, he stated that Biden poses a greater threat to democracy by utilizing federal agencies to censor political speech. However, Kennedy later clarified his comments on NewsNation, asserting he could argue this point but did not necessarily endorse it.

Democratic Party’s Concerns and Swift Action

Amidst fears that Kennedy could sway the upcoming election results in favor of Trump, Democratic officials have dedicated more resources to counteract Kennedy’s campaign. It’s uncertain whether Kennedy’s anti-establishment message will draw more votes from Biden or Trump, as suggested by recent Fox News poll.

Experts Dispute Kennedy’s Claims

Experts in democratic governments dispute Kennedy’s claims, arguing that social media moderation does not pose a greater threat than Trump’s undermining of election results and stoking political violence. They insist that politicians must accept election results and reject political violence to uphold democracy. Barnard College professor Sheri Berman noted that Biden did not misuse federal agencies for political gain, a claim touted by Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Misinformation Allegations

In his CNN interview, Kennedy argued that Biden’s real threat to democracy was forcing social media companies to allow federal agencies to censor political critics. He also referred to a lawsuit he filed, alleging the Biden administration had induced social media platforms to restrict speech, including anti-vaccine misinformation.

Democratic National Committee Responds

A senior adviser for the Democratic National Committee noted that Kennedy’s comments echoed “MAGA talking points” and accused him of being a “spoiler candidate.” She was alarmed to hear Kennedy suggest that Biden posed a greater threat to democracy than Trump.

Kennedy’s Continued Allegations

Kennedy’s campaign continued to express grievances about the Biden administration and the Democratic Party in a fund-raising email. They accused Democrats of trying to thwart a debate between Biden and Kennedy and using shadowy groups to carry out these actions.

Experts Warn Against Undermining Democracy

According to Dr. Levitsky, a professor at Harvard, politicians who spread misinformation and create doubt among voters are complicit in undermining democracy. The behaviors that preserve democracy have remained unchanged over time.

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