The Influence of Domestic Politics on US-China Relations



The podcast episode discusses the role of US and Chinese domestic politics in shaping the relationship between the two countries. This topic has become increasingly significant yet under-researched, particularly since Xi Jinping’s rise to power in China in 2012. The discussion is led by Dr. Evan Medeiros, an expert in Chinese foreign policy and author of a recent study on the domestic political forces in the US and China that affect their bilateral relationship.

This episode addresses the domestic politics of US and China in US-China relations. US-China strategic competition is influenced by many factors, with domestic politics being increasingly significant, but under-researched. Despite the obscurity of Chinese politics under Xi Jinping, this episode aims to illuminate its impact.

Host Bonnie is joined by Dr. Evan Medeiros, a leading expert on Chinese foreign policy, currently serving as the Penner Family Chair in Asia studies. He recently published ‘The New Domestic Politics of US-China Relations’, providing fresh insights on the political forces at play within both nations and their bilateral relations. Medeiros served in the Obama administration as a senior director for Asia.

Episode Highlights:

02:14 Impact of Domestic Politics on US-China Relations

03:32 Comparing US and Chinese Domestic Politics

05:19 Decline of Historical Stability Factors

08:35 Key Changes in America’s China Policy

13:34 Xi Jinping’s Influence on Chinese Domestic Politics

19:38 Reversing Downward Trend in US-China Relations

21:44 Intersection of Domestic and Foreign Politics

24:49 Biden and Xi’s Roles in Bilateral Relations

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