U.S. Democracy Faces Turmoil as Threats to Political Leaders Rise with the Start of 2024



The article discusses the rise in violent threats and acts of intimidation against government officials since the 2020 election, which is impacting preparations for the 2024 campaign. The threats are reportedly leading to concerns about actual physical harm and influencing decision-making processes, posing risks to democracy. Several incidents are cited, including bomb threats to state capitol buildings, threats to members of Congress and local judges, and a swatting incident involving a former Arizona House of Representatives speaker, among others.

Threats Against US Officials Cast Shadow Over 2024 Election Campaign

Former Arizona House speaker Rusty Bowers, important in opposing the overturning of the 2020 presidential election, recently experienced a frightening “swatting” incident at his home. Swatting, a prank call to emergency services intended to trigger a police response, is just one of the many violent threats and intimidation acts that have become a feature of government officials’ lives since the 2020 election. This worrying trend threatens to impact the upcoming 2024 campaign.

Victims of such attacks include members of Congress, state officials, local leaders, and judges. The intensity of

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