Boost Pennsylvania’s Progress: Propel Forward Together

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Residents of cities like McKeesport and rural communities such as Darlington Township in Beaver County, PA, strongly believe in the dignified living of older Pennsylvanians, free from the concern of soaring prescription drug costs.


For years, large pharmaceutical companies have been inflating the prices of crucial medications such as insulin. However, thanks to extensive efforts from President Biden and Congressional Democrats, seniors are beginning to enjoy reduced drug costs.

The one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, celebrated on Aug. 16, marked significant lowerings of prescription drug and health coverage costs for millions across America. This legislation has reduced healthcare premiums for independent coverage purchasers by an average of $2,400, capped Medicare insulin costs, and imposed penalties on large pharmaceutical corporations for excessive price hikes, which is already benefiting Pennsylvanians. Moreover, the upcoming cap on seniors’ annual drug costs at $2,000 and Medicare’s newfound ability to negotiate drug costs signal further improvements. The Biden administration will announce the first 10 drugs for price negotiations on Sept. 1.

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