Manchin Criticizes Biden’s EV Plan, Deems it a ‘Radical Climate Agenda’



Sen. Joe Manchin criticized the Biden administration’s guidelines on who is eligible for tax credits for electric vehicle chargers, stating it neglects rural America. Manchin accused the administration of manipulating the Inflation Reduction Act to suit its climate goals, contrary to the act’s original intent. As an author of the legislation, Manchin has previously pledged to oppose any efforts to utilize the act to advance a “radical climate agenda.”

Manchin Criticizes Biden’s EV Charger Tax Credit Guidance

On Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., criticized President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle charger tax credit guidance, accusing it of disregarding rural America.

“The Administration’s disregard for the law in pursuit of its climate objectives is indefensible,” Manchin said in a statement.

He suggested that the proposed guidance risks leaving rural Americans “at the end of the investment line.”

Accusations of Misinterpreting Legislation

Manchin, a primary author of the original legislation, accused the administration of misinterpreting the Inflation Reduction Act. He asserted his commitment to opposing those seeking to harness the Act for a “radical climate agenda” in August.

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