Summary: Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo’s Germany Visit



Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo visited Berlin, Germany, to further cooperation on shared economic and security priorities between the US and Germany. During his visit, Adeyemo highlighted the importance of the two nations working together to achieve their climate and energy security goals, build resilient supply chains, and address shared risks and vulnerabilities. He also held discussions about continued coordination on sanctions against Russia, countering Russia’s evasion efforts, denying Hamas’s access to financing, and ensuring humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

U.S. and Germany Aim to Strengthen Economic and Security Priorities

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Wally Adeyemo was in Berlin on October 31 to boost the robust bond between the U.S. and Germany in economic and security interests. This visit was the last leg of his European tour, including stops in London and Brussels.

2023 Industry Conference in Berlin

Adeyemo along with German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister Dr. Robert Habeck, were present at the 2023 Industry Conference. He emphasized the need for U.S. and Germany to collaborate on climate and energy security targets, resilient supply chains, joint risks and vulnerabilities, and economic opportunities in both countries. He also outlined how the Inflation Reduction Act strengthens the economic ties between the two nations and benefits the global economy.

Key Meetings and Discussions in Berlin

Adeyemo also convened official meetings in Berlin, including dialogues with Vice Chancellor Habeck and Secretary of State Susanne Baumann. He commended Germany’s leadership on shared challenges like Russia’s unlawful Ukraine war and its economic repercussions. The importance of continued coordination on sanctions against Russia and its evasion efforts was discussed. Furthermore, Adeyemo reaffirmed U.S.’ unwavering commitment to providing crucial aid to Ukraine and to block Hamas’s finance channels, whilst ensuring humanitarian support reaches Gaza’s residents. These issues required joint efforts from the U.S., Germany, and other partners.

Roundtable Discussion with Emerging German Leaders

In Berlin, Adeyemo also participated in a roundtable discussion, hosted by the U.S. Embassy, with German MP Armand Zorn and around 30 rising German leaders in economics, finance, policy, and social entrepreneurship. The conversation centered around their collective work to broaden economic opportunities and the values, challenges, and aspirations that bind the German and American people.

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