Ex-President Trump’s Grand Rapids Visit on Tuesday



Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Grand Rapids, Michigan, and speak about President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. The Michigan Republican Party Chair, Pete Hoekstra, highlighted the issues of crime committed by illegal immigrants in the area and supports Trump’s aim to secure the border. The event comes as Michigan is expected to be a crucial battleground in the upcoming election, and both Trump and Biden are statistically tied in recent state polls.

Former President Trump Schedules Visit to Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, Michigan will host former President Donald Trump next week. The ex-President is anticipated to address attendees at the DeVos Place Convention Center, focusing on President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Michigan Republican Party Chair Cites Local Tragedy

Pete Hoekstra, Michigan Republican Party Chair, highlighted the safety issues brought on by illegal immigration. He referenced the tragic death of 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant, Brandon Ortiz-Vite in a statement.

Concern Over Safety In Michigan

Hoekstra raised concerns for suburban families in West Michigan as immigration-related crimes escalate, “This is now the second murder by an illegal immigrant in the last year in Kent County. One is a tragedy, two is a trend,” he noted.

Michigan in Focus for Upcoming Elections

Michigan emerges as a key battleground state in the upcoming November elections. The latest polls show Trump and Biden locked in a tight race. Both sides are expected to focus on issues pertinent to the state, with Democrats prioritizing reproductive rights and Republicans addressing immigration and drug problems.

Hoekstra Condemns Immigration Safety Issues

Hoekstra insists West Michigan will not tolerate safety issues stemming from illegal immigration. “President Trump deported this man back in 2020 and somehow he got back into the country. It’s unacceptable. President Trump has promised to secure our border, and focus on making our communities safe again and he will deliver,” he stated.

Record High Illegal Crossings at Southern Border

Illegal border crossings hit a record high in December, with a sharp drop in January and a slight increase in February, as per data from the Associated Press.

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