Exclusive NMU Program Collaboration Enhances Dining Experience



The Northern Michigan University Hospitality Leadership Department collaborated with the Theater and Dance Department to create a ‘Puffs’ themed dining experience. Hospitality management and culinary students transformed the North Fork dining area to host a dinner before a performance of ‘Puffs’, which is a Harry Potter parody play, and theater students created the set and props for the evening. Loganne Glendening, NMU Hospitality Management associate professor, expressed that they have been longing to partner with the Theater Program and were excited about the collaboration.

NMU’s Hospitality Leadership Department Supports ‘Puffs’ Themed Event with Theater and Dance Department

The Hospitality Leadership Department of Northern Michigan University (NMU) collaborated with the Theater and Dance Department for a ‘Puffs’ themed dining event.

North Fork’s dining area was revamped by hospitality management and culinary students for a special dinner preceding a performance by the Theater and Dance Department.

The ‘Puffs’, a Harry Potter parody play offered students from both departments a chance to showcase their skills. Theater students curated props and the set, while culinary students whipped up a themed three-course meal.

The partnership with the Theater Program has been a long-time goal for the NMU Hospitality Management, according to associate professor, Loganne Glendening.

“The decision to host this event was based on the Theater Department’s choice of performance this year, which deeply resonated with the students and sparked enthusiasm to create an immersive dining experience,” stated Glendening.

Interested in more events like this? Tickets for future meals are available on the NMU ticketing website. Stay updated with North Fork by following the NMU Jacobetti Complex on Facebook.

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