Experience Epic Christmas Skiing with Santa at Marquette



Despite only having a few runs open, Marquette Mountain in Michigan welcomed visitors for skiing and snowboarding, including a festive visit from Santa Claus. Lift Op Supervisor Ian Schenkel remarked that despite unfavorable conditions, the energy on the mountain was high with people excited to get out and ski. Marquette Mountain’s general manager, Caet Johnson, stated that the staff worked hard to open the mountain and will continue making snow, emphasizing the importance of the mountain to both the staff and the community.

Christmas Celebrations at Marquette Mountain

Marquette Mountain, with its limited open runs, drew ski and snowboard enthusiasts for a pre-Christmas thrill. Families got a chance to meet Santa Claus, who himself was eager to enjoy the hill and reconnect with old acquaintances.

Santa said he was looking forward to experiencing the snow and catching up with friends from previous years. The hill was bustling with energy as spring-like conditions offered fast rides. Lift operators entertained the crowd with music as they took their turns on the hill.

Lift Op Supervisor, Ian Schenkel, noted that despite less than perfect conditions, everyone was still having a great time. “The excitement level is pretty high. People are just thrilled to be able to strap on their skis or snowboards and get outside,” said Schenkel.

He acknowledged that there weren’t many runs open yet but expressed appreciation for how the community was embracing what was available. He suggested that people were eager to get some action on the mountain.

Marquette Mountain’s general manager, Caet Johnson, applauded the staff for their hard work in opening the mountain. She emphasized the significance of having the mountain open for both the staff and the community. “Our team is probably more eager to have the hill open than anyone else in the area. It’s a chance for them to showcase their abilities and demonstrate what we can achieve,” said Johnson.

She also revealed plans for the Marquette Mountain staff to continue snow-making operations and urged visitors to be patient as they navigate the weather conditions.

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