Ishpeming Locals Protest Marijuana Law Amendment



Ishpeming city in Michigan has decided not to update its current marijuana ordinance, which allows for two marijuana retailers in the city. The decision was made after 14 residents voiced their opposition to an amendment that would have allowed two processing facilities, two safety compliance facilities, and two secure transfer facilities. The proposed amendment failed with a 4-4 vote during a public hearing held by the City’s Planning Commission.

Ishpeming, Michigan Refuses To Amend Marijuana Ordinance

The City of Ishpeming in Michigan has decided against amending its current marijuana ordinance. The existing regulation facilitates for two marijuana retailers within city limits.

The decision came after a public hearing hosted by the Ishpeming’s Planning Commission on Monday. The hearing aimed to discuss the feasibility of recommending the City Council to expand the marijuana ordinance. Amendments would include two processing facilities, two safety compliance facilities and two secure transfer facilities.

During the hearing, a significant proportion of Ishpeming residents voiced their disapproval of the proposition. 14 residents expressed opposition to the ordinance amendment, arguing that the city does not need an influx of more drugs. Conversely, no residents voiced support for the proposed amendment.

The Ishpeming Planning Commission acknowledged the importance of public sentiment before finalizing any decision. Brooke Routhier, Chair of the Planning Commission, expressed satisfaction with the proceedings, especially the involvement of the public. The proposed amendment was however, met with a deadlock, resulting in a 4-4 vote, thus failing to pass.

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