Kari Lake Overthrows AZ GOP Leader



In the 2022 U.S. Senate race, Republican candidate Kari Lake is known for her prolific use of secret audio recording, a practice that connects modern politics with the Watergate era. Lake has been caught recording a phone conversation with GOP lawyers and a Maricopa County attorney and another with her Democratic opponent, Ruben Gallego, during a supposedly chance encounter at an airport. Latest in her string of recordings is a secret tape from last February in which then Arizona Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWit allegedly proposed a bribe to Lake to withdraw from the Senate race.

Republicans and Their Affinity for Secret Recordings

History recalls the Republican Party’s long-standing relationship with secret audio tapes, harking back to the days of Richard Nixon and Rose Mary Woods. Fast forward to the present, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake and her team seem to have revived this tradition with their knack for covert taping.

Kari Lake’s Love for Recording Others

In 2022, Kari Lake’s campaign released a secret audio-video recording of a conversation with GOP lawyers and Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy. The recording didn’t expose anything sinister but rather highlighted Lake’s penchant for amateur spycraft. More notably, she was mic’d up during a “chance” airport encounter with her Democratic opponent, Ruben Gallego. An edited video of this confrontation was later leaked to conservative media.

Lessons from Kari Lake’s Leaked Tapes

The latest Kari Lake production provides some significant takeaways. Lake is seen using explicit language in private conversations. Her reputation has taken a hit, and future conversations will likely be limited to non-sensitive topics. Lake’s secret recordings have earned her comparisons to infamous tell-all conversationalists Harry and Meghan. Her actions have likely ended her invitations to Mar-A-Lago.

Kari Lake’s Influence on Arizona GOP

Kari Lake is the dominant force in the Arizona Republican Party. She maintained her silence about the unethical behavior of Jeff DeWit, the then Arizona Republican Party Chair, for ten months before publicly calling for his resignation. This call coincided with the week Donald Trump returned to Arizona and the state party’s annual meeting. This sequence of events suggests that Lake controls the Arizona Republican Party and is not hesitant to make sacrifices for her political gain.

The Unfortunate Democrat in Kari Lake’s Game

Amidst all this, Ruben Gallego, Kari Lake’s Democratic opponent, is left questioning his campaign strategy as Lake’s controversial actions inadvertently aid his race. Evidently, the real fool is always the last to know.

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