Lehigh Valley Unaffected by Healthcare Mergers



The merger between Lehigh Valley Health Network and Jefferson Health could result in higher costs for patients despite benefiting the hospitals, argues Ryan Reyes. Nancy Dorais believes that the US should fully support Israel’s efforts to protect itself, highlighting the perception of corruption in the Palestinian Authority and the indoctrination of young people by Hamas. James Largay suggests that the allegations of plagiarism against Harvard’s Claudine Gay, which he equates to stealing in academia, were a substantial factor in her downfall.


Eastern Pennsylvania patients may suffer from LVHN-Jefferson Health merger

A looming merger between Lehigh Valley Health Network and Jefferson Health forebodes potential pitfalls for Eastern Pennsylvania residents. The increasingly common hospital consolidation trend, which theoretically allows for greater efficiency and shared resources, can actually lead to escalated costs for patients due to elevated seller bargaining power. This merger could potentially lead to less competition, fewer healthcare options, and a monopolistic control over the Eastern Pennsylvania healthcare economy.

Moreover, concerns have been voiced over the appointment of Jefferson’s CEO to head the new entity, as it could result in diminished understanding of the healthcare needs of rural communities north of Philadelphia. The proposal of a proprietary insurance plan by the merging entities also raises questions about the scope and quality of external insurance coverage.

Urging U.S. to back Israel in dispute with Hamas

Many believe that the U.S. administration, specifically President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken, should refrain from intervening in Israeli matters, particularly regarding the proposed “two-state solution”. A complex relationship exists between the Palestinian populace, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority, with some viewing the authority as “irredeemably corrupt”. In light of this, the U.S.’s full backing of Israel’s efforts to protect itself is advocated by many.

Academic plagiarism contributed to university president’s downfall

Harvard’s ex-president, Claudine Gay, and University of Pennsylvania’s ex-president, Liz Magill, were both dismissed for their missteps. However, the magnitude of allegations of academic plagiarism leveled against Gay were particularly damning. In academia, plagiarism is a grave offence that jeopardizes the integrity of academic work and the entire scholarly community. These allegations significantly contributed to Gay’s downfall.

Examining the flawed U.S. primary system for presidential nominees

The current system for nominating U.S. presidential candidates is widely regarded as deeply flawed. Many argue that it allows an extremely small percentage of the population to disproportionately influence candidate selection. The system is criticized for potentially leading to the nomination of a candidate ill-suited for the position.

Asserting improved conditions under President Biden

Some argue that the U.S. is in a better position under President Biden than it was four years ago. They point to the previous administration’s mishandling of the COVID pandemic and the Capitol attack. The current administration’s commitment to democracy and rejection of misinformation around the previous election are seen as positive changes.

Praising Catasauqua’s police department and chief

Catasauqua’s police department and its chief, Kish, have received commendation for their professionalism, competence, and dedication. As a crucial part of the borough, they are lauded for their commitment to the community and their consistent readiness to provide assistance when needed.

Support for Susan Wild’s alignment with President Biden and Israel

Susan Wild, representative for Lehigh Valley, has received support for her alignment with President Biden’s policy of backing Israel. Despite criticism, some interpret this to represent loyalty to the president and recognition of Israel’s precarious position. The hope is for the U.S. to contribute to peace restoration in the region.

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