MSHS Alum’s Trademark Claims: Official Legal Counsel Statement



Marquette Area Public Schools’ (MAPS) trademark counsel has responded to a resident’s claim over the new name for Marquette Senior High School (MSHS). Margaret Brumm, a high school alum and attorney, trademarked the name ‘Marquette Sentinels’ in an attempt to block its adoption, arguing that community members who favored previous school nicknames were treated unfairly. Casimir Jones, the law firm representing MAPS, dismissed Brumm’s action as an abuse of the trademark system, stating that it would defend MAPS without incurring financial costs to MAPS or the community, and that “the Marquette Sentinels trademark brand is rightfully owned and used by MAPS”.

Marquette Area Public Schools Responds to Trademark Issue

Marquette Area Public Schools’ (MAPS) trademark counsel has addressed claims made by local resident Margaret Brumm regarding the new nickname for Marquette Senior High School.

‘Marquette Sentinels’ was approved by the MAPS board in January. This led to Brumm, a 109th State House candidate, MSHS alum and attorney, to trademark the nickname to prevent the change. Brumm believes community members supporting the old nicknames were treated unfairly.

Casimir Jones, the intellectual property law firm representing MAPS, has released a statement clarifying the trademark issue.

The firm explained the purpose and importance of trademarks, stating that they help differentiate a product or service and protect against hoax, inferior products or services. They also discussed the misuse and abuse of the trademark system.

They pointed out that trademarks can only be registered if they are in actual use. Any attempt to apply for a trademark in bad faith or with an intention to harass, extort, or interfere with the rightful owner of a brand is improper.

The statement also highlighted the rules and regulations created to discourage improper acts. For instance, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires a legitimate “specimen of use” to register a trademark federally. Misleading or fake images, or actions taken merely to reserve a right in a brand, can be deemed fraudulent.

Casimir Jones volunteered to represent MAPS for free, claiming that Brumm appears to be employing the trademark system improperly to impose her desired outcome, which they consider a dangerous precedent.

Brumm’s trademarks will be evaluated for bad faith by the USPTO or judges/juries if she continues her course. Based on the facts known, the firm felt obligated to defend MAPS.

The statement revealed a timeline of the MAPS school board’s actions and Brumm’s trademark applications. It indicated that Brumm’s filings appeared to leverage against MAPS rather than for genuine commercial purposes.

Casimir Jones stated that MAPS plans to carry on with its Marquette Sentinels brand and will not negotiate with Brumm. The firm is prepared to fully defend MAPS against any legal action Brumm may pursue.

MAPS wanted to assure the community that the Marquette Sentinels trademark is rightfully owned and used by MAPS, and that there is no threat to the community from Brumm.

Attempts to reach Margaret Brumm for comment have so far been unsuccessful.

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