Phoenix Hiker Rescued by Helicopter from South Mountain



A hiker is in critical condition after he suffered a medical emergency while hiking South Mountain’s Hidden Valley trail. Technical rescue teams from Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa came to the man’s aid and airlifted him off the mountain using a Phoenix Police Department helicopter. The man was then transported to a hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Valley Hiker Airlifted in Critical Condition

A hiker is critically ill in a Valley hospital following an airlift from South Mountain, as reported by Phoenix fire. The man encountered a medical emergency while traversing South Mountain’s Hidden Valley trail with a group.

Technical rescue teams from Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa ascended the mountain, located the man and airlifted him off South Mountain using the Phoenix Police Department’s Firebird 10 helicopter. After landing in an area north of South Mountain, the man was transported to a hospital where his condition remains critical. The identity of the man and additional details are not yet available.

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