Top DeSantis Super PAC Strategist Jeff Roe Resigns



Jeff Roe, the chief strategist for Never Back Down, the main super PAC supporting Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign, has resigned. This follows numerous resignations, firings, and intense infighting within the group, which has coincided with a decline in DeSantis’s poll numbers. The future of the PAC, which has raised over $130 million, is uncertain as many of the key positions are held by allies of Roe.

DeSantis’s Super PAC Chief Strategist Resigns

Jeff Roe, the key strategist for Never Back Down, a super PAC endorsing Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign, resigned last Saturday night. This latest shake-up in the organization follows a string of departures and firings amid increasing turbulence and a decline in DeSantis’s poll numbers.

Troubles Plaguing ‘Never Back Down’

The pro-DeSantis super PAC, which has raised over $130 million by July, has seen multiple executives resign or get fired since the day before Thanksgiving. Scott Wagner, the new chairman of the PAC’s board and a DeSantis loyalist, recently cited mismanagement and conduct issues as reasons for these dismissals in an interview with The Washington Post.

Roe’s Resignation and Future Implications

Roe’s decision to quit came after Wagner’s comments. Expressing his disbelief in the developments, Roe said that he couldn’t stay affiliated with Never Back Down considering the allegations. However, he still hopes for DeSantis’s victory and commended the PAC team for their efforts. The future of the PAC remains uncertain with many of Roe’s allies holding significant positions.

Trump Celebrates Roe’s Departure

Former President Donald J. Trump, who routinely derided Roe privately, rejoiced over the news on his social media site, Truth Social, suggesting that it was the end game for DeSantis’s campaign.

Recent Developments and Campaign Struggles

Amid intense internal conflicts and dissatisfaction with the group’s operations, Never Back Down has seen numerous staff members quit or get dismissed. DeSantis’s campaign has been struggling, particularly with its television advertising strategy, and has signaled a shift towards bolstering voter turnout.

Competition from Another Super PAC

Tensions escalated when a rival super PAC, Fight Right, was formed by DeSantis loyalists. After the Never Back Down board directed $1 million to Fight Right, the group’s initial CEO, Chris Jankowski, resigned, soon followed by board chairman Adam Laxalt. The new super PAC’s first ad targeted Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

DeSantis’s Campaign Stumbles

Although DeSantis initially emerged as a leading contender against Trump, his campaign has faltered in recent months, with Haley matching or surpassing him in early state polls. The ongoing turmoil at the super PAC has frustrated some campaign staff members and caused significant distraction.

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