Trump and Lake Seek Border Chaos, Not Solutions



Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate have reached a bipartisan deal on border security and immigration, however, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson has called the deal “dead on arrival”. President Joe Biden has expressed readiness to sign the deal. However, the article suggests that Donald Trump and Senate candidate Kari Lake are against the deal as they believe it could be perceived as a win for Biden, and their political campaigns have focused on the border crisis.

Border Security and Immigration: The Political Battle

The logic is clear, if twisted: what’s best for the US might not serve the political campaigns of Donald Trump and Kari Lake. For them, campaigns take precedence.

Despite a bipartisan agreement on border security and immigration in the U.S. Senate, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson labeled it “dead on arrival” without full knowledge of the details.

Trump and Lake Prioritise Self-interest Over National Well-being

A bipartisan solution to the border crisis benefits the nation. However, it’s detrimental to Trump and Senate candidate Kari Lake, who’ve made the border crisis their campaign’s centerpiece. Despite the growing Border Patrol, immigration remains broken, and they need the chaos to fuel their political agenda.

Impact of a Border Deal on Biden’s Administration

Democratic Rep. Becca Balint of Vermont noted at a House hearing that the Senate’s bipartisan group proposed a solution to the border crisis, but the MAGA response was to maintain the chaos.

President Biden has expressed readiness to sign the bipartisan deal. However, Trump, Lake, and their Republican allies in the House oppose it, fearing it could be seen as a victory for Biden. They prefer the country to lose rather than Biden to win.

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