Unleashing the Power of Community in Coffee Roasting



Campfire Coffee, located in Negaunee, Michigan, offers a cozy atmosphere and high quality coffee brewed from house-roasted beans. Their menu includes a variety of caffeinated beverages and fireside food such as pastries and sandwiches. They offer five different roasts, including Columbian, Guatemalan, Peruvian, and Brazilian options, which are sold both in-store and at selected stores in Central U.P.

Campfire Coffee in Negaunee Offers Warmth and House-Roasted Coffee amid Frigid Temperatures

Find respite from the cold at Campfire Coffee in Negaunee, Michigan, with a hot cup of house-roasted coffee. Opened in May 2021, the cafe encapsulates the warmth and community feel of gathering around a campfire.

Enjoy Caffeinated Delights and Fireside Foods

Campfire Coffee’s menu includes a range of coffee-based treats, from classic drip coffee to luscious lattes with foam art. The coffeehouse also serves fireside foods, such as freshly baked pastries and sandwiches, fit for breakfast or lunch.

Experience their Unique House-Roasted Coffee Brewing Process

The cafe takes pride in serving only coffee brewed from its house-roasted beans. The intricate roasting process is an art that involves balancing temperature, airflow, convection, and kinetic energy to ensure an impeccable roast.

A Variety of Coffee Roasts to Choose From

Currently, Campfire Coffee offers five unique roasts: Rock Climber, a Columbian medium/dark roast; Driftwood, a Guatemalan dark roast; Cozy Cabin, a Peruvian medium roast; Campsite Light, a Brazilian light roast; and the limited-edition Bootlegger, a Brazilian medium roast. Find these signature blends in-store or at select Central U.P. locations.

Learn More about Campfire Coffee’s Bean Roasting Process

Gain insights into the bean roasting process through Upper Michigan Today’s look inside Campfire Coffee.

Visit Campfire Coffee’s official website to discover more about their offerings.

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