‘UPHS-Marquette New CEO: Progressing Towards Goals’



Tonya Darner is the new CEO of UP Health System – Marquette, the largest hospital in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, taking over from Gar Atchinson. In her first TV interview, Darner spoke about her plans to improve both internal and external relations, addressing issues of retention and shortages, and creating a healthier environment. She also discussed the importance of transparency and communication, plans to increase community engagement, as well as strategies to tackle the challenges of retaining staff and building their career progression within the healthcare system.

New CEO of UP Health System – Marquette Discusses Future Plans

The recently appointed CEO of UP Health System – Marquette, Tonya Darner, shares insights into her new role and future plans for the leading healthcare provider and major employer in the Upper Peninsula.

Darner assumed the CEO position a little over two months ago after serving as the COO for two years. She first joined the hospital in 2015, replacing the former CEO, Gar Atchinson, who has relocated to Petoskey.

Within the organization, Darner acknowledges there is work to be done. The hospital, which houses over 1,800 employees, seeks to create a healthier environment for all visitors.

TV6’s Elizabeth Peterson interviews new CEO, Tonya Darner, about her future plans for UP Health System.

During a recent interview, Darner shared her journey to the CEO role and her passion for the Upper Peninsula and its healthcare system. She expressed the importance of building internal trust, reinforcing transparency, and fostering open communication. To achieve this, she has introduced monthly leadership meetings and town halls, with over 30 questions already submitted by the staff for the first session.

Darner also discussed the significance of community engagement and retention, partnering with local educational institutions, and addressing staffing shortages. To overcome these challenges, she is focusing on improving salaries, benefits, quality of life, and affordable housing for employees.

Under Darner’s leadership, the hospital is expected to implement changes to address community concerns, improve patient experiences, and create an environment conducive to quality healthcare. She encourages the community to provide feedback to help the hospital improve.

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