30-Day Challenge: Is 100 Daily Push-Ups Insane?


Unleash Your Inner Strength with Proper Press-Up Techniques

Imagine feeling your triceps burning, your shoulders tensing, and your body aligning as straight as you can master while executing the perfect press-up. With the professional guidance of a personal trainer like Zana Morris, who provides feedback on your technique over Zoom, you’ll be able to perform a press-up that is commendable.

Perfecting Your Press-Up Performance

As you lower yourself to the floor, and thrust back up, maintaining the correct posture is essential. You might find a slight movement in your back, and it could be beneficial to adjust your arms slightly lower down, aligning with your shoulder line. But as you progress, you’ll find that you can efficiently execute a press-up.

Press-Up Challenge for a Noble Cause

Feel relieved, but don’t stop just yet. You have another 99 to go if you’re considering joining the upcoming Cancer Research challenge. The charity is calling on fundraisers to engage in the daunting but achievable task of completing 100 press-ups each day throughout April.

The Proven Benefits of Press-Ups

Over the years, press-ups have been utilized not just as a fundamental exercise move but also as a symbol of physical strength and resilience.

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