Awaken Your Tastebuds: Brew Gentlemen Pennsylvania’s #1 Best Brewery


Yelp’s Top Pick: Brew Gentlemen in Pennsylvania

Yelp recently revealed the best brewery in every state for 2023 based on customer reviews on their platform. Brew Gentlemen, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been selected as the top brewery in the state, just in time for their ninth anniversary celebration.

Yelp’s Methodology for Selecting the Best Breweries

According to Yelp, their picks were based on a variety of factors:

Methodology: “This is an all-time list of the Top Breweries in Every State according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the breweries category on Yelp, then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews. This list looked at businesses in the United States. All businesses were marked open on Yelp as of March 3rd, 2023. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score as of March 3rd, 2023.” – Yelp

Consistently Ranked High: Brew Gentlemen’s Success

General Braddock's Brew Gentlemen Braddock PA
General Braddock’s IPA. Photo courtesy of Brew Gentlemen.

The Braddock-based brewery has consistently ranked towards the top in various polls, so this recognition should not come as a surprise. Brew Gentlemen has gained both local and national attention for producing soft, balanced beers like their flagship IPA, General Braddock’s.

Get Brew Gentlemen’s Beer Shipped in PA

You can have their beer shipped anywhere in Pennsylvania by visiting their online store.

Complete List of Best Breweries by State

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Have You Been to Brew Gentlemen Yet?

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