Newsweek Names Doylestown Hospital as One of the ‘World’s Best’


Top-Ranked Hospital in Bucks County: Doylestown Hospital

Doylestown Hospital in Pennsylvania has been recognized as the leading hospital in Bucks County according to Newsweek’s 2024 World’s Best Hospitals list. The ranking not only places the hospital first in Bucks County, but also lists it as the 8th best in Pennsylvania and 126th nationwide. This marks the sixth consecutive year Doylestown Hospital has made it into this prestigious list.

Award-winning Patient Care and Infection Prevention at Doylestown Hospital

Doylestown is one of 26 Pennsylvania hospitals to make the list, and earns extra distinction as a leader in both patient experience and infection prevention. “Being among the World’s Best Hospitals is an honor for us at Doylestown Hospital,” says Jim Brexler, president and CEO of Doylestown Health. “Our recognition speaks volumes about our top-notch medical staff and dedicated Associates.”

“We take great pride in the acknowledgment of our leadership in infection prevention and patient experience,” adds Brexler. “We’re committed to delivering the highest quality care in the region with compassion and expertise. This focus on patient well-being is at the heart of our efforts.”

Newsweek’s 2024 World’s Best Hospitals: Methodology

The 2024 Newsweek ranking includes the best hospitals from 30 countries including USA, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, the UK, South Korea, Brazil, India, Spain, and more. Factors such as standard of living, life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals, and data availability were taken into account. Notably, this year’s edition has witnessed significant changes with a global board of renowned experts supporting the ongoing development of the ranking methodology.

Data Used for Hospital Rankings

The Newsweek list is based on four data sources:

  • Medical Experts’ Recommendations: An online survey including tens of thousands of doctors, healthcare professionals, and hospital managers from 30 countries.
  • Patient Survey Results: A survey on patient satisfaction with hospital services.
  • Hospital Quality Metrics: Indicators such as data on quality of care for treatments, hygiene measures, patient safety, and waiting times.
  • PROMs Implementation Survey: An optional online survey on the implementation and use of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in hospitals.

Based on these four pillars and their respective weights, a final score is calculated for each hospital. The complete list can be viewed on the Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospitals 2024 webpage.

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