Newsweek Ranks Hershey Medical Center as One of Pennsylvania’s Top Hospitals


Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Ranking in Newsweek’s Pennsylvania’s Best Hospitals

One of the top-ranked hospitals in Pennsylvania, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, proudly holds the third position in the annual Newsweek’s ranking for America’s Best-In-State Hospitals. The hospital achieved this remarkable feat with an impressive score of 89.08%.

March 14, 2024Penn State Health News

The Criteria for Newsweek’s Hospital Ranking

The ranking is determined based on four critical factors:

  • Peer recommendations
  • Quality of patient experience
  • Quality of hospital services
  • Implementation of patient-recorded outcome measures

Newsweek collaborates with Statista, a reputable global market research and consumer data firm, to create this comprehensive and reliable hospital ranking.

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