Top 7 Proven Exercises for Sculpting Slim, Toned Arms


Discover the Best TikTok Workouts for Slim, Toned Arms

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If you’re on a quest for toned arms, look no further. Social media platforms, particularly TikTok, are treasure troves of innovative workouts, fitness trends, and motivating challenges. Whether you’re looking to enhance your arm day workout or just beginning your fitness journey, TikTok provides a slew of tried-and-tested exercises that have garnered the approval of numerous fitness enthusiasts. Scroll down to discover exercises that can help you achieve slimmer arms.

1. Arm Holds

TikTok user @eunicness shares in a video a regimen of five simple arm exercises designed to help reduce arm fat. A notable part of her routine is “pulsing arms,” which involves standing tall with extended arms at shoulder height and then performing a series of pulses, rotations, and holds.

2. Arm Pulses

Carla Visentin, another TikToker, shares a video showcasing her arm exercises that helped her achieve slimmer arms. The routine includes one minute of shoulder pulses, one minute of forward shoulder pulses, and another minute of prayer pulses.

3. Tricep Kickbacks

Visentin also introduces the tricep kickback in her routine. This exercise can be performed with either dumbbells or water bottles. It involves hinging forward, pressing your hips back, extending both arms back, and squeezing your triceps before bringing the weights back to your chest.

4. Bicep Curls

In her workout video, TikTok user Fefa Lazu highlights the importance of using light weights and performing high reps to achieve slimmer arms. She demonstrates this while performing standing bicep curls.

5. Front Raises

Lazu also recommends front raises, which she deems important for lower-body workouts. The exercise involves extending your arm forward and then stopping before lowering it.

6. Hammer Curls

TikToker hannah! (@hannahskyesburch) shares in her video her go-to exercise for slim and toned arms – the hammer curls. To perform this exercise, you need to hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other, and curl the weights up to your chest.

7. Tricep Extensions

Another exercise from hannah! is the tricep extension, which can be executed either sitting or standing. The exercise requires you to take a tall stance, hold a dumbbell with both hands overhead, lower the weight to the back of your head, and then raise it back overhead.

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