Unlock Fitness: 20-Second Micro-Workout Benefits & Expert Tips


Are you constantly busy and struggling to find time for a workout? Micro-workouts may be the perfect solution for you. They can help you stay fit and active even on the busiest days.

Understanding Micro-Workouts

Micro-workouts, also known as mini workouts or exercise \”snacks,\” involve short bursts of movement performed throughout the day. These short exercise periods accumulate to form a larger overall workout. Walter Gjergja, a former professional athlete and wellness officer at Zing Coach, describes micro-workouts as a small time and intensity commitment that yields significant results.

According to Gjergja, micro-workouts can be split into two main categories: workouts lasting from 20 seconds up to a minute and workouts that last a bit longer, around 3 to 7 minutes. The key is to keep these workouts intense and under 10 minutes, to achieve the benefits of a micro-workout.

The Value of Micro-Workouts

The most apparent benefit of micro-workouts is integrating some form of movement into your day. Gjergja suggests that even with just 3 to 7 minutes, you can engage in a mini journey of the three main areas of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility.

Research has shown that a few minutes of vigorous activity spread throughout the day provide health benefits. An observational study published in JAMA Oncology found that micro-workouts could significantly reduce cancer risk. They are also practical and adaptable to various spaces, do not require equipment, and can help you develop long-lasting exercise habits.

Getting Started with Micro-Workouts

One of the easiest ways to incorporate micro-workouts into your routine is to sprinkle them into your daily activities. Whether you’re at your desk or watching TV, you can include short bouts of exercise into your routine. For instance, if you perform a minute of push-ups or sit-ups every hour of your workday, you can accumulate hundreds of reps by the end of the day. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook suggests integrating exercise into daily activities such as commuting to work or taking the stairs.

Another tip from Gjergja is to create a \”menu of exercises\” that you can perform comfortably in your environment and clothing. These exercises should be safe, practical, and you should avoid improvisation. If you’re looking to increase your workout intensity, you can try harder movements like burpees or incorporate dumbbells or exercise bands.

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