Biden Labels Putin as ‘Crazy S.O.B.’, Kremlin Retorts by Calling Biden a ‘Cowboy’



President Biden referred to Russian President Putin as a “crazy S.O.B.” during a fundraiser in California, sparking a rebuke from Kremlin spokesman Dmitri S. Peskov, who dismissed it as “Hollywood cowboy-style behavior.” The comments came after Putin indirectly expressed his preference for Biden to win a second term, leading Putin to suggest that Biden was reacting defensively against a perceived endorsement from an adversary. During the same event, Biden was critical of former President Trump, criticizing his comparisons of his own legal troubles to the death of Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny, and Trump’s generally favorable stance towards Putin.

US President Biden and Putin Exchange Words

US President Biden criticized Russia’s President Vladimir Putin at a California fundraiser, referring to him as a “crazy S.O.B”. His remarks were met with a blunt response from the Kremlin, denouncing his “Hollywood cowboy-style behaviour”.

Biden’s comments came amidst concerns of potential nuclear conflicts involving leaders like Putin. This drew sharp reactions from Moscow, igniting a tit-for-tat exchange. Kremlin Spokesman, Dmitri Peskov accused Biden of playing to his domestic audience with his remarks.

During a television interview Putin offered his insight into why Biden may have lashed out. Last week, Putin had stated that it was in Russia’s interest for Biden to be re-elected. This statement was seen by some as an indirect way of burdening Biden with the endorsement of a significant US adversary.

Putin inferred that Biden’s outburst could be a response to this indirect endorsement. He suggested that due to internal US politics, Biden couldn’t simply accept his indirect endorsement and move on.

President Biden Criticizes Trump’s Comments

In the same California event, Biden also criticised former President Donald Trump’s comparison of his legal troubles with the demise of Aleksei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader. Biden expressed disbelief over Trump’s recent statements, questioning their impact on the American moral centre and the Republican Party.

Biden also took the opportunity to voice his criticism of Trump’s continued affinity for Putin, which included recent statements encouraging Russia to act at will with NATO countries that were in arrears.

Biden’s criticism of Putin has been consistent and direct. Last week, he held “Putin and his thugs” responsible for Navalny’s death. He also labeled Putin a “butcher” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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