Evidence of Election Fraud Absent in ‘State of Denial’ Movie



The movie “State of Denial” attempts to substantiate claims of election fraud in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election. However, all the claims presented in the film, such as malfunctions with voting machines, wrong-sized ballots, and lack of chain of custody for mail-in ballots, have been thoroughly reviewed by independent investigations and debunked in court. Furthermore, one of the film’s own experts admitted to the falsehoods presented in the movie during his court testimony.

“State of Denial” Movie Spreads Disproven Election Fraud Claims from “2000 Mules”

“State of Denial,” a film released in December 2023, recycles discredited election fraud theories from “2000 Mules”. Independent investigations and court admissions from the film’s experts have proven these theories false.

The Story Behind the Movie “State of Denial”

“State of Denial” revolves around the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election. Despite losing the election, Republican candidate Kari Lake made allegations of election fraud, which the movie tries and fails to substantiate.

Fraud Claims in “State of Denial” Debunked

Error in Election Machine: The movie claims deliberate tampering with Maricopa County voting machines. In reality, a minor printer settings issue was quickly fixed. A comprehensive investigation confirmed all votes were accounted for.

Wrong-sized Ballots: Expert Clay Parikh contended wrongly-sized ballots would be uncountable. But under cross-examination, he admitted they would be correctly counted.

No Chain of Custody: Lake’s claims about mail-in ballots lacking a chain of custody echoed those in Dinesh D’Souza’s discredited film “2000 Mules”. These allegations were dismissed in court as every ballot had a unique barcode and verified chain of custody.

About the “State of Denial” Team

The team behind “State of Denial” includes Matt Thayer, Scott Anders, Kevin Moncla, and Kurt Olsen. Olsen, a Lake’s legal team member, faces potential disbarment. Moncla was previously convicted for spying on house guests.

Bryan Blehm and Kurt Olsen, Lake’s attorneys, feature in the film. Both are facing potential disbarment due to their conduct during the trials.

Experts featured in the movie, such as Clay Parikh and Shelby Busch, made claims that were later disproven in court. The movie, like Olsen’s political law history, lacks evidentiary support.

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