Haley Retracts Statement About Texas’ Potential Secession from the US



Presidential candidate for 2024, Nikki Haley, has retracted a previous statement suggesting that Texas could secede from the United States. She clarified her stance during a conversation with CNN’s Dana Bash, stating that the Constitution does not permit states to break away from the union. Haley’s clarification follows her initial assertions earlier in the week where she proposed that Texas could secede if it decided to.

2024 Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Reverses Stance on Texas Secession

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley retracted her earlier statement that Texas could potentially secede from the United States. The former South Carolina governor clarified, “the Constitution does not permit states to leave the union.”

Haley’s reversal comes after causing a stir with her original comment, “if Texas decides they want to do that, they can do that.” This discussion has sparked conversation on CNN‘s political broadcasts and across various online platforms.

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