Nebraska Republicans Advocate for ‘Winner Take All’ Electoral System Again



Nebraska Republicans are advocating for a “winner-take-all” system in presidential elections which could result in an electoral college tie in the 2024 elections. Currently, Nebraska and Maine are the only states that distribute their electoral votes according to the presidential winners of congressional districts. This change in Nebraska, supported by Gov. Jim Pillen, would align the state with how 48 other US states determine electoral votes, but opponents suggest it could lead to the House of Representatives deciding the winner of the election.

Nebraska’s Push to ‘Winner-Take-All’ Presidential Voting Could Lead to 2024 Electoral College Tie

Nebraska Republicans’ efforts to switch to a ‘winner-take-all’ system for presidential elections could cause an Electoral College stalemate in 2024, ultimately leading to the House of Representatives selecting the winner. Nebraska, alongside Maine, currently allocates its electoral votes based on the presidential victors within each congressional district, a unique practice among the states. Back in 2020, Democratic candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. secured one vote due to his win in Omaha’s eastern district.

J Republican Governor, Jim Pillen, expressed his support on Tuesday for a GOP bill intending to abolish this system.

“Adopting this system aligns Nebraska with 48 other states, reflects the forefathers’ intent, and solidifies our state’s voice in presidential elections,” Pillen acknowledged in a statement.

The revival of this bill was instigated this week by Turning Point USA’s CEO, Charlie Kirk, a staunch Trump advocate. Kirk urged the state legislature on social media to push forward with the bill.

Trump Endorses Governor’s Proposition and Possible Election Implications

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Governor’s Pillen’s proposition on his social media platform. Trump’s backing has strategic implications: if Biden holds Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania but loses Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and the Nebraska vote he secured in 2020, the Electoral College would deadlock at 269 votes apiece, pushing the House of Representatives to pick the winner.

However, Democrats in the Nebraska legislature are confident of blocking the bill with a filibuster before the legislative session ends on April 18.

Conversely, Maine, where Democrats control both the governor’s office and the legislature, could alter its system to reclaim the Electoral vote won by Trump in 2020. Despite Biden’s 9% win in Maine, Trump secured an Electoral College vote by triumphing in the state’s second rural district.

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