New Hampshire Democratic Primary Won by Biden



President Biden won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, marking a significant achievement amid Democratic unease about his campaign. This symbolic victory was achieved through a write-in campaign and signals a shift into general-election mode for Biden and his party. Despite not being officially on the ballot in New Hampshire, Biden received strong support from top Democrats in the state and surpassed Dean Phillips, a Minnesota congressman who was one of 21 Democrats on the ballot.

After a decisive win in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, President Biden shifts focus towards the general election. This victory comes despite anxiety around his campaign among Democrats.

After Mr. Biden’s symbolic win, he and his party now move into full general-election mode. Former President Donald J. Trump won the state’s Republican primary, leaving former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, to continue her uphill battle.

Biden thanked voters who wrote in his name and highlighted the high stakes of the upcoming election. He plans to campaign this weekend in South Carolina, newly selected to replace New Hampshire as the first-in-the-nation primary.

Biden’s victory showcases the grass-roots energy behind his campaign, which wasn’t as pronounced in New Hampshire’s primary in 2020. Kathy Sullivan, a former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, emphasized the importance of a strong Biden showing to counter the narrative that he’s not popular.

Prior to the official general election, Biden will participate in Democratic primary contests next month. These races will test his campaign’s ability to mobilize loyal voters, amid signs of weakness within core base constituencies.

Despite not appearing on New Hampshire’s ballot, Biden’s success exposed potential opponents who saw an opportunity for attention. These opponents included Mr. Phillips, who criticized Biden and spent heavily on advertising.

Phillips’ attempt to use Democratic discontent towards Biden was clear. Yet, many Democrats, despite their disillusionment, are rallying around the presumptive nominee due to fear of the alternative.

Mr. Phillips acknowledged Biden’s victory but expressed his concern about the state of American democracy. Amid Democrats’ concerns about the structure of Biden’s campaign, the president approved a leadership shake-up.

Leading Democrats in New Hampshire supported their party’s head, despite their criticism of the calendar overhaul. They continue to staunchly defend their primary tradition, even with the state’s loss of its delegates.

Important lessons can be learned from this endeavor, particularly in empowering grass-roots supporters, which the national party will hopefully recognize.

Contributions were made by Nick Corasaniti and Anjali Huynh from Manchester, N.H., and Chris Cameron from Concord, N.H.

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