Rubio Supports Trump’s Remarks on NATO: ‘He Doesn’t Speak Like a Conventional Politician’



Marco Rubio, Republican Senator of Florida, defended former President Donald Trump’s comments about not defending NATO allies and encouraging Russia’s actions. Rubio also reiterated his support for Trump despite the former President’s mocking comments about Nikki Haley’s deployed husband, stating his support is due to his view that President Joe Biden is a ‘disaster’. Rubio criticized bipartisan border-security legislation, arguing it would turn illegal immigrants into citizens and voters for the Democratic Party, despite the bill’s provisions to raise the bar for asylum claims and close the border if encounters with migrants averaged more than 5,000 per week.

Florida Senator Rubio Responds to Former President Trump’s Controversial Comments

Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio dismissed former President Donald Trump’s suggestion to not defend NATO allies and to allow Russia free rein, in a recent CNN “State of the Union” interview.

Trump’s remarks, made at a South Carolina rally, disregarded disputes over certain European nations not meeting their military spending commitments. Rubio suggested Trump was merely demonstrating his tactical approach to getting results.

He added, adopting a common GOP perspective, “He doesn’t talk like a traditional politician.”

Rubio also disregarded Trump’s disparaging remarks about Nikki Haley’s husband, affirming that his support for Trump remained unshaken.

Rubio explained his continued support for Trump, citing a dissatisfaction with current president, Joe Biden: “I do [support Trump]. And I support him because Joe Biden’s a disaster.”

Rubio Slams Bipartisan Border-Security Legislation

In the same interview, Rubio criticized a bipartisan border-security bill that Trump opposed, despite it containing measures Republicans have long championed. Rubio contested that the bill failed to improve on existing arrangements.

Rubio focused his criticism on a provision allowing asylum officers to grant immediate asylum based on dire need, despite the overall bill raising the bar for asylum claims and proposing border closure if migrant encounters exceeded an average of 5,000 a week.

He concluded with a harsh indictment of the Democrats’ proposed immigration reforms: “They want to turn illegal immigrants into citizens, into voters… They’ll know who let them in.” he said.

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