Trump Commits to ‘Root Out’ the Left in Veterans Day Speech



Former President Donald Trump, in a Veterans Day address in Claremont, N.H., criticized the political left, accusing Democrats and President Biden of undermining his efforts to expand veteran access to health care, pushing the country towards war, endangering troops in Afghanistan, and rigging elections. He further promised to divert money intended for shelter and transport of illegal aliens to provide for homeless military veterans. Mr. Trump also expressed his desire for his federal election trial to be seen by everyone, once again called for the execution of drug dealers, and repeated his long-standing unproven claims about the 2020 elections.

Former President Trump’s Veterans Day Speech

On Veterans Day, former President Donald J. Trump delivered a striking address in Claremont, N.H. He pledged to honor veterans by targeting what he termed America’s greatest enemy: the political left.

The ex-president used inflammatory language to denounce his rivals, pledging to eradicate the “radical left thugs”. He positioned internal strife as a threat far greater than external forces.

Trump accused the Democrats and current President Biden of attempts to undermine his initiatives to expand veterans’ access to healthcare, exacerbating inflation, pushing the nation towards World War III and compromising the safety of troops in Afghanistan.

Trump’s Promises to Veterans

Trump reiterated his 2016 campaign’s controversial claim that Democrats favor illegal immigrants over veterans. He promised to divert funds from sheltering and transporting illegal aliens to provide housing and treatment for homeless military veterans.

Trump Welcomes Courtroom Cameras

Amidst his civil fraud trial and four criminal indictments, the former president expressed his approval for courtroom proceedings to be televised. He desires “this trial to be seen by everybody in the world,” referring to his Washington federal election trial.

Trump, critical of these prosecution as politically driven, insisted that public viewing would sway opinions in his favor.

Trump Aligns with Media on Courtroom Transparency

In a noteworthy agreement with mainstream media, Trump supported his legal team’s appeal for his trial to be televised. Find the full report here.

Trump Calls for Execution of Drug Dealers

Trump, once again, advocated for the execution of drug dealers, praising China’s equivalent law. During an informal vote at the event, a majority agreed with his stance.

Trump’s Fact Check Record

Trump continued to propagate misinformation on multiple issues, including gas prices, US energy independence, election fraud and the 2020 elections. Read the fact-checking article here.

Trump Targets Governor Ron DeSantis

Trump also didn’t hold back on commenting on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, mocking him for allegedly wearing heel lifts in his cowboy boots and making fun of his walking style.

Trump’s Compliments

Trump praised Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, expressing his desire to appoint him as his “offense chief”. He commended President Xi Jinping of China for his “strength and voice”.

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