‘Jim Jordan Slammed for Taking Credit for Biden Act He Opposed’



Congressman Jim Jordan is facing accusations of hypocrisy as he takes credit for the benefits of Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, a measure he voted against. Jordan, a staunch opponent of Biden and co-leader of the push to investigate the president for potential impeachable offenses, celebrated the act’s successes on social media. Jordan’s actions have been criticized by social media users, actor Michael Kelly, and White House Deputy Communications Director Herbie Ziskend.

Congressman Jim Jordan Accused of Hypocrisy for Taking Credit for Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan has stirred controversy, earning the label of a hypocrite for claiming credit for the benefits of Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, a legislation that he opposed. As a staunch critic of Biden and an advocate of further investigations against the President, Jordan’s recent actions have sparked a significant backlash.

Jordan, who was previously accused of causing considerable harm to the American public, seemed to appreciate Biden’s significant legislative achievements on Friday, according to reactions from his social media followers.

The Ohio representative highlighted new job creations in his state on social media, attributing the success to businesses moving to Ohio and hiring local workers. The majority of comments, however, credited these achievements to Biden’s legislative accomplishments.

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Users like @ArtCandee and @NicholasABrown_ explicitly thanked Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, pointing out Jordan’s vote against it. Another user, @ATTACKTRADE, sarcastically commented that Jim would take credit for the sunrise the next day, highlighting the perceived hypocrisy.

White House Deputy Communications Director Herbie Ziskend noted the irony, thanking Jordan for drawing attention to the positive impact of the Inflation Reduction Act. Ziskend substantiated his observations with screenshots of news articles about significant business deals and industrial growth in Ohio.

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