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In September 2022, a traumatic incident took place in Fontana community where a man allegedly killed his wife, kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter, Savannah Graziano, and ended up in a shootout with law enforcement. A body cam footage showed Savannah being shot and killed by San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies as she ran away from her father’s car. The case is under investigation by the California Department of Justice, with many hoping the incident will bring about changes in use of force policy.

Fontana Community Distressed over 2022 Traumatic Shootout Incident

The Fontana community still visibly struggles with the disturbing events of 2022, when a man allegedly murdered his estranged wife, kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter, Savannah Graziano, leading to a violent shootout with police.

A just-released video reveals Savannah was fatally shot by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies while escaping from her father, Anthony John Graziano.

Residents Relive Trauma with Newly Released Video

Fontana residents recount the September 2022 incident as being permanently engraved in their memory, and the video footage has stirred up the collective anguish they experienced.

Andrea Rios, a Fontana resident, vividly recalls the chilling sequence of events. She describes the deputy’s body cam footage, which shows the frantic calls to halt the shooting, as deeply distressing.

Video Could Influence Use of Force Policy

The controversial shooting is currently under investigation by the California Department of Justice. A security expert believes that the video could influence the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department to revise its use of force policy.

Ed Obayashi, an independent investigator for officer shootings, suspects that there were errors made, though their nature is yet to be determined.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus has stated that his department has provided all necessary information to the state DOJ for the investigation, urging the public to withhold judgment until the investigation is done.

Community Hopes for Change Following Savannah’s Death

The tormented community hopes that Savannah’s tragic death will inspire change and serve as a learning moment for handling similar situations in the future.

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