9-Year-Old Injured: Random Dog Bite in Grand Rapids



A 9-year-old boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan is recovering after he was reportedly bitten in the face by a dog at a local school playground. The dog, which was unleashed and roaming free, chased and attacked the boy, who now faces a long recovery which includes a series of rabies shots as the dog’s health status is unknown. The mother of the boy is appealing for the dog’s owner to come forward and the incident has been reported to Kent County Animal Control.

A Grand Rapids boy’s distressing dog bite incident

A young Grand Rapids boy, Desean Bass, is facing a challenging recovery following a random dog bite to his face. “It bit my nose and it makes it hard to talk,” he bravely shared after his frightening ordeal.

“The dog chased me, and it attacked me. It started biting me everywhere,” Desean recalled of his traumatic experience. This unfortunate incident took place where Desean thought he was safe – at his school’s playground, River City Scholars, a location where dogs are supposedly prohibited.

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Desean’s mother, Rosalyn Morgan, expressed her disbelief at the situation, adding “So most of the time, people have the dogs on leash… wouldn’t expect anybody to want the dog to just be roaming free like that.”

Despite the emotional and physical trauma, Desean is recuperating at home. His mobility has been impacted as he cannot move his arm easily and his lip is swollen. However, his scars are deeper than the visible injuries. “He said he doesn’t want a big dog anymore,” Morgan shared.

Morgan is deeply concerned as the dog and its owner are yet to be identified. “We don’t know if the dog had rabies. So my son has to go through a series of shots for vaccines for rabies,” she revealed.

The family seeks justice and urges the dog owner to come forward. The incident has been reported to Kent County Animal Control, and anyone with information about the dog or owner should contact the sheriff’s office.

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